Women before conceiving and when expecting want to take the best care about themselves and their baby for them to come into this world as healthy as possible.

  • Balanced diet is always preferred, but some women may have trouble achieving the increased nutritional needs during pregnancy.

  • Vitamin and mineral may help to prepare and strengthen women’s body for the upcoming chances and the need for vitamins grow during pregnancy also as women get older.

Solvitale® Prenatal care

  • Provides nutritional support before pregnancy

  • Carefully designed composition to provide support in any trimester

  • For women to undergo metabolic and physiological changes

  • Helps the mother throughout pregnancy for prospering health

  • Most important components for a healthy development of the baby

  • Safest choice and guaranteed quality 18 nutrients complete all cell cycle


  • Helps to build a strong skeletal system for the baby

  • Assists the baby with correct neurodevelopment

  • Helps the baby to receive the amount of oxygen needed to develop a strong heart, lungs and muscles


  • Helps the mother receive increased need for additional nutrition
  • Reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia
  • Helps the mother to sleep better and relax

Why is Solvitale® Prenatal Care individual

  • Formulated by doctors and pharmacists in close collaboration with women preconception, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Divided doses in morning and evening capsule for vitamins and mineral to interact correctly.

  • Each capsule provides recommended vitamin and mineral intake for healthy nutrition.


  • Pre-conception and after conceptions vitamins and mineral are important to prepare the mothers body for upcoming changes.
  • In the second and third trimester of pregnancy there is a reserve of nutrients in the fetus that can be utilised after birth.


  • For a child to grow and develop properly, it is necessary to start planning pregnancy from conception. The growth and development of the brain and central nervous system continues throughout all trimesters.
  • Solvitale® Prenatal Care provides the first vitamins for the baby’s health.

When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins?

  • Experts say you should start taking prenatal vitamins before you’re pregnant.


Folic Acid

Is involved in the synthesis of all genetic material (DNA) and is essential for amino acid metabolism. Helps iron function properly in the body and has direct antioxidant effect.


Produces erythrocytes and together with B12 acts as a cofactor in the transport of enzymes to the baby.


Improves maternal mental health and proven to be a protecting agent in premature births.


Helps to maintain a normal level of glucose in mothers body especially important if you are diabetic or become diabetic during pregnancy.


Helps to keep the brain active throughout the day. Prevents common colds and helps to faster recover after a cold.


Works with vitamin D3 to develop and maintain bone strength and healthy teeth for the mother and her baby.


Helps to better tolerate glucose and helps mental and psychomotor delay. May support reproduction and fertility.


Improves blood fat levels and helps the production of digestive enzymes.


Calcium and phosphorus have specific functions in the metabolism of zinc, iodine, selenium, iron and other oligo-elements.

Vitamin D3

Maintains immune system that contributes to protection from asthma-related allergies, including infectious outcomes in early life.

Omega 3

Critical for baby’s brain and retina development. Can help prevent heart health problems.


Maintains maternal thyroid hormones and supply them to the baby, especially during the first trimester.

B Vitamins

Helps to ease common morning sickness and boost skin and hair health.

Vitamin E

Antioxidant properties that decrease oxidative stress within the body to help deal with chronic fatigue.

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